The best way to design and build a construction project is the subject of much debate and a matter of opinion.  Those of us at COMFORT ARCHITECTURE work with a variety of people with different needs and experience – homeowners, developers, builders...

  • people that know very little about construction...   people that know a lot about construction.       
  • people that have a builder...   people that have an interior designer.
  • people that are concerned about the environment.
  • people with a big budget...  people with a small budget.
  • people that know what they want...   people that aren’t sure what they want.
  • people that like traditional styling...   people that like contemporary styling.
  • people that feel style is not so much an issue.

Everyone is different.  No matter what kind of person you are, we have the ability and experience to be able to speak with you clearly and succinctly about your project and desire for services.

Almost all clients are alike however in one respect.  They have a certain amount of anxiety and concern about the risks associated with spending money on a construction project.  The risk of building something too small.  The risk that the finished construction will not live up to their expectations.  The risk of having something designed, only to find out that it costs too much.  The anxiety associated with making the hundreds of decisions related to selection of finishes, fixtures and equipment.

By having an awareness and understanding of these anxieties and risks, we at COMFORT ARCHITECTURE can guide and assist clients throughout the process.  By providing knowledge, background, and insight, we can help clients allay their anxieties and concerns and turn the experience of design and construction into something fun and rewarding.

No two projects are alike, but we have found that all projects benefit from an approach that embraces a process that we have developed that consists of the following three phases:  


Discussion with the Client in order to clarify project requirements.  We meet and find out what the issues are.  The results of the discussion are documented and and serve as the basis for evaluating proposed resolutions to the issues that need to be resolved.  The Discovery phase is what informs the design.  The Discovery Phase is all about determining what to design.

The key to the ongoing success of COMFORT ARCHITECTURE is listening to our clients, and providing architectural solutions that are responsive to what they say, not only with what's stated directly in response to a question, but what's said indirectly as well.  Putting 2 and 2 together. 

For example, one of our clients has requested a straightforward family room addition to accommodate the usual furnishings.  Almost as an afterthought she added that an easy chair would be placed in the corner, for looking out into the lushly landscaped rear yard.  We heard not only the need for an easy chair, but also realized that the experience of looking out into the rear yard was the most important aspect of the project.  The client was delighted when we proposed a small turreted room (shown in the photo to the right) placed onto the corner of the addition.  Serving as the location for the easy chair, the small concentric oriented room created a special place for relaxing  and enjoying the view.


Responses to the issues identified in the DISCOVERY phase – initially consisting of preliminary design solutions presented with sketches and/or three-dimensional studies of alternative design solutions, moving on to more refined drawing studies of details such as fireplaces, casework, window seats, niches, stairs, handrails,  etc., and culminating in technical drawings & specifications that set forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project.


Getting the project built.  Comfort Architecture's role is twofold...  assistance with obtaining the necessary permits for construction and assistance to the homeowner and/or builder with issues related to construction.  Just as no two projects are alike, no two clients are alike either.  Homeowners and Builders have different needs.  COMFORT ARCHITECTURE can serve homeowners with a one-stop shop for all required Discovey | Design | Delivery services. Alternately, we can serve homeowners with procurement of bids for construction or negotiating a contract for construction with a builder, as well as observation of construction work and representation of the client’s interests in the ongoing relationship with the builder. We can serve builders' clients with Discovery | Design services.  We have served many clients who were both the homeowner and the builder.

In any case, the value of COMFORT ARCHITECTURE is that we have already built the project...  in our minds.  We can assist the homeowner and/or builder by observing the construction, and addressing any misunderstandings as they arise.  Or even better, through regularly scheduled construction site meetings, the architect, homeowner and/or builder can discuss upcoming aspects of construction in order to clarify any potential conflicts or issues before thay become a problem.

COMFORT ARCHITECTURE prepares constuction drawings that are acclaimed by builders and members of architectural review boards throughout the community for their clarity and thoroughness - drawings that contain just the right amount of information - not too little and not too much.  Having built projects with our own hands, we know what information builders and plan reviewers need, and how best to organize that information so that it can be easily found.