You found Comfort Architecture because you want your home to be something more.

You know what you want, and realize there are limitations as to what can be done, but you can’t help thinking there must be a way to overcome your challenges.  You just need someone to figure out how.

We invite you to lean on the imagination and knowledge of Comfort Architecture. We help our clients make their home be something more.

Why hire an architect?

There are many ways to solve space problems. It may be alluring to seek out and discover ideas in magazines and on websites. But if you want a solution that really fits your specific challenge, you need someone who will listen to what you need and design a solution specifically for you.

When you hire Comfort Architecture, you are bringing in a team that will help solve your challenges, be conscious of your needs, and put you at ease when making changes to your home.

Comfort Architecture is a special kind of firm

Comfort Architecture is dedicated to the philosophy that the very best design is created when our clients come to us with limitations. We look to make the most with the least; using what is already there, creatively adapting to circumstances, and working to solve problems directly.

We seek to perfect the art of listening. Only through really understanding what you need can we design something that is imaginative, creative, and useful to you. It is from this simple, straightforward approach that we can make your home be something more.

Discovering what is just beyond your imagination

Over a 25-year span, Comfort Architecture has built a unique discovery | design | delivery process that enables us to listen to you like an approachable friend. We ask that you invite us into your home to explain your challenges. We need to experience space the way that you do. Only then can we really design something that is perfect for you.

We often find that the real challenges lying just below the surface, the hurdles that are critical to making the space right for you, can serve as the basis for truly inspired design. When you hire our team, you are buying the ability to channel your challenges, your needs and your imagination into the space you want to transform.

Let us help make your home be something more